Pain Management from a Yoga MasterWatch now (2 min) | A story about a yoga master, a peak pose, and smiling through pain
The ones who travel furthest are the happiest to be there.
April 3 2022
Answering The Impossible QuestionWatch now (2 min) | Why Am I Here? What is the meaning of my life? To answer the question “why am I?” Step 1 is choosing a reason worth dying for. I…
When someone asks if GodXP is a cult, I take it as a complement. Cult is the first part of culture. A cult is a density of a specific culture in…
Interview with a Yogi - Yogi Amandeep SinghListen now (53 min) | Yogi Amandeep Singh is a great yogic teacher of Kundalini yoga and Sikh dharma. Go to to learn more…
Dealing with Death I'm creating an online cohort-based course for transforming your relationship with Death into supernatural momentum. I need your…
Published December 19 2021
January 22 2022
Happy Sunday! I hope you're enjoying these bulletins. Today, Meghan and I have been together for two years. I think yoga is a good metaphor for a…
January 3 2022
January 23 2022