You ARE the Path.

Your life story has been extremely interesting. You’re just remembering it boring.

When I look back on my childhood, raking over the memorable moments, I can see how I became the person I am today. I’m not saying I’m who my 6-year-old self wanted me to be, but my story arc becomes increasingly evident the older I get. My story weaves itself, despite attempts to ignore or avoid it.

My guess is other people have that too - A recurring, archetypal self-image that goes way back to one of their early childhood memories.

As a kid, you were so in-tune with yourself. You had conversations with yourself. You’d interact with mom or sister or friend or teacher, but then you went on existing in your own box of consciousness.

age 12, already pondering the self
Age 12, already pondering the self

Now we wake up, instantly check our phones for Facebook gossip, watch tv/youtube before work, involve our thoughts and emotions with everyone else’ lives, at home, at work, at the gym. Then we watch TV until it's time to turn off our consciousness with sleep. We exist in the confines of a 24-hour network of distraction.

So much of who we think we are, and what we think we should do, comes from our social experiences, which are completely arbitrary. Your real identity is that which has not changed in you since birth, before all the conditioning.

So how do you hear your that true voice, over the roaring main stream of social influence?

How do you find your own path amongst the birds-nest of preselected choices?

Close your eyes. Go behind the curtain. Into the silence! The great refinery where only the bravest souls may sustain the presence. It is a divine chamber available to all for free. God is an XP available to everyone: In the darkness behind your two closed eyelids.

As sufi poet Rumi says: “Last night, I begged the Beloved, ‘tell me the secret of the world.’ Gently, he whispered, “Be quiet. The secret cannot be spoken. It is wrapped in silence.”

Get to the Śunya, the neutral point, the zero space in the mind in earnest meditation. Only then can you reliably reset the conditioning clock to zero - the you before the mind. Then you can slowly rebuild your identity as you and God see fit.

Do it once. If it works, do it daily.

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